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How to Find the Right Driving Instructor

Looking for the right driving instructor is very challenging. In fact, new driving schools and instructors that sound promising are already starting to emerge in the industry. If you want to learn how to drive, this will be the best option you can get.

The reason for the flourishing driving school industry is because of unstable economic conditions that the larger schools are expanding. The marketing for such expansion would be to tell people how much they can earn as a driving instructor. And so today consumers are faced with a lot of competition.

Because of the emerging instructors in the industry, how can you find one that’s right for you?


The first factor in the choice of many people is the affordability of the driving lesson. Since we are currently experiencing instability in our economy – both national and global – we know that every penny counts. However, it makes no sense if you just take on the cheapest driving lessons in Dublin. Remember affordability does not equate to being cheap. Affordability means you are going to spend money that you’re comfortable with but that does not mean you should take the cheapest. If you take the cheapest, you are risking failing your test or perhaps take more lessons in to better grasp the subject.


You need to learn at the right time and at the right place. Both of these things should go hand in hand. Therefore, you need to look at your schedule and try to look for a time that works for you no matter which perspective you’re going to look at it. Once you’ve determined which days of the week and what time of the day you can take the lessons, look for an instructor that complements your schedule well.

Skills and Experience

The driving instructor should know how deal with your anxieties and fears. If in fact you are anxious about driving, you need an instructor who is backed with experience especially in dealing with people who have the same fears like you. Having anxieties are natural when learning how to drive the first time and your cooperation with the skills of your instructor can help you conquer your fears and eventually become a good, if not better, driver.


How do you gauge the attitude of the driving instructor towards the students? Are you comfortable with the way the instructor teaches the students? This is important because driving lessons require cooperation between you and the teacher. Find out what driving instructor training they've undertaken. If you’re looking for the right instructor, make sure that you talk to them personally so you would know how they deal with you. It is more likely that the attitude you get will be the same attitude the instructor will give you throughout the lessons.


You want to drive and that’s the final goal you should achieve. No one wants to take lessons forever and the fact that you’re taking driving lessons would mean you’re seriously dedicated to becoming one. After all, it is your money you’re spending for the training. You can ask for reference – previous students who have taken the driving lessons with the instructor you’re considering. If the previous students that the instructor gave are satisfied and successful with their driving lessons then by perhaps you’ve found the right one.

Just knowing what to look for in a driving instructor would mean everything to you – as a student. Look at the factors and remember how each of them can affect the decision-making.